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Research Reports

2022 Compensation Best Practices Report

Payscale’s annual flagship report distills data and insights from the largest known survey on compensation management best practices to help employers refocus compensation's role in the Great Reevaluation.
Research Reports

The Hottest Skills of 2021 Report

This mini report from Payscale reveals the top competitive skills that commanded pay premiums in 2021 by occupational group.
Research Reports

End of Year Report: The Hottest Jobs of 2021

Payscale analyzes which positions job seekers were most eager to research salaries for in the 2021 calendar year.
Research Reports

2021 Salary Budget Survey

This legacy report from Payfactors provides insights on what organizations are doing for base pay increases in 2021 and 2022 for the U.S., Canada, and 14 international locations across key firmographics.

Fundamentals of Compensation

Join the PayScale Compensation Professionals team on June 9th at 10:00 Pacific, for a webinar on the Fundamentals of Compensation. Whether you are brand new to compensation or looking to brush up on the building blocks, this session is for you!

2021 Compensation Best Practices Webinar

Join Amy Stewart, author of the 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report and Payscale’s HR team: Shelly Holt, CPO; Lexi Clarke, Director of HR; and Kate Reichert, Sr. Compensation Analyst as they share insights from the report.
Research Reports

Compensation Best Practices Report

Learn how COVID-19 impacted organizations' compensation practices in 2020 and what HR leaders are doing in 2021 around compensation strategy, pay equity, and pay communications.

Leveling Up Survey Season

Join us on February 19th for a webinar exploring the necessary but challenging world of survey season.

An Employer’s Guide to the Hottest Themes, Jobs, and Skills Impacting Pay

An Employer’s Guide to the Hottest Themes, Jobs, and Skills Impacting Pay in 2020 to Steer Talent Strategy in 2021 WHITEPAPER 2020 was a landmark year. The combined challenges of the pandemic necessitating health and wellness programs, an economic recession,

Readiness Checklist: How Do You Know the Right Level of Pay Transparency for Your Org?

With companies like Buffer and Gravity Payments raising the bar on radical pay transparency and employees expecting more information about pay and pay decisions, more companies are exploring what it means to be transparent about pay. PayScale data suggest that

Canadian Edition of PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report Has Arrived!

The annual Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) you know and love now has an all-Canada edition! While the full report is in its eighth year, this is the first year we’re able to detail Canadian-specific compensation practices — we’re excited to sha

PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report Is Here

Today we release the eighth annual installment of PayScale’s Compensation Best Practices Report. A strong theme emerged this year showcasing the connection between compensation and organizational culture. There is evidence that some organizations have discov