bat365app下载的客户 share their compensation best practices and results

Anyone who has navigated from manual compensation planning to specialist technology knows that it involves some change management, leadership support and a little finesse—但 the outcomes are well worth the effort.

So, how do you make the move from where you are now to where you want to be? We asked three compensation professionals to share their stories, best practices and results.


1. Charles Landry,全球薪酬主管

  • Deltek(软件供应商)
  • 在15个国家有35000名员工

在专业技术, Landry and team had a very manual process that involved gathering data, 生产复杂的电子表格, 通过邮件合并生成信件. 这些手工过程不仅消耗了员工的生产力, 但, 它们还对数据完整性造成了损害. 版本跟踪具有挑战性, 在最好的情况下, and effective budget management was near impossible without one comprehensive, 对所发生的事情的宏观看法.


因为专业技术的成本是适度的, 而且投资回报率很高, 创建一个引人注目的商业案例很容易, 并获得执行承诺. 但, 除了选择正确的技术供应商, Landry knew that the biggest part of a successful transition was spending time getting users prepared for the change.

bat365app手机版下载花了大量时间与用户沟通, 强调解决方案的易用性给他们带来的好处, 他们可以访问的数据, 事实上,它简化了协作,兰德里说. “bat365app手机版下载还为他们创建了一个强大的支持系统. 如果他们遇到问题,可以联系我的团队, bat365app手机版下载还对人力资源业务合作伙伴进行了软件培训, 所以他们可以提供帮助, 也. By giving our users a strong safety net, we made the change less daunting.”

自实施专业技术以来, Landry和他的团队已经实现了一些重要的结果:

  • 减少人工处理的时间.
  • 自动化字母代.
  • 启用主动预算管理.
  • 增加可见性.
  • Improved stakeholder collaboration for better pay decisions and planning

“My team has more time to focus on strategic work that provides more value. 他们有更多的时间来分析数据, 识别潜在的性别薪酬问题, 确保bat365app手机版下载在奖励bat365app手机版下载的顶尖人才,兰德里说. “它使bat365app手机版下载能够做更多真正推动业务的事情.”

2. Fiona McIver,英国和爱尔兰的奖励总监

  • Equans (Part of the ENGIE Group specializing in Facilities Management, 能源效益及服务)
  • 英国和爱尔兰的14000名员工
  • 在17个国家拥有74000名员工 

Although Equans had been using an online solution for salary review, 它非常不稳定和不可靠.

“它无法在不摔倒的情况下从多个地方进入, and sending out email with salary amounts required this horrific mail merge process,“McIver股.

The system also didn’t have the controls the company needed—to the point where entire salary files could be accidently deleted. 随着时间的推移,这项技术更像是一种风险,而不是一种资产.

McIver and team put together an RFP and looked at a number of companies, 并最终, 选择了CURO的专业技术产品.

“它比其他竞争者更灵活, bat365app手机版下载可以直接通过电子邮件发送邮件, 对bat365app手机版下载来说,哪个才是真正关键的问题,”McIver说. “在bat365app手机版下载上线前一周, our executive management team redesigned our entire bonus structure, 这个系统能够以惊人的速度处理这个问题. 这在旧系统中是不可能的.“


“我喜欢这些图表, and just being able to play around and look at the different manager spend—that’s a powerful tool. bat365app手机版下载的人力资源合作伙伴可以深入研究并生成他们所有的报告. And, the fact you can engage with everyone on the system is really fantastic,”McIver说. “It works so perfectly that people forget how horrible it was before we had this wonderful system.”

3. 布兰登·亚当斯,薪酬、福利和人力资源信息系统主管

  • Xperi公司(技术开发)
  • 在18个国家拥有2000名员工

Although Xperi had a system in place, it just couldn’t keep pace with the company’s needs. 奖金和股权奖励必须分开处理, 因为解决方案没有能力同时处理这两种情况. Adams and team also had to create multiple types of worksheets within the tool just to get things done, and spend time engineering the uploads just to get the right output. 没有什么是真正自动的,或者简单的.

“当你将奖励划分为Excel和工具, 你们的领导会告诉你们, “我希望能看到一切,这样我就能做出决定,当你对他们的问题的答案是, “体制做不到”,“股票亚当斯. “That was the tipping point and reason we knew we needed to make a change.”

得到了老板的批准, Adams began holding focus groups with his users to understand the problems they were having, 瓶颈在哪里, 如果他们需要寻找另一种工具.

“Having that level of transparency with our leaders and engaging them in the discovery process and RFP process, 也让bat365app手机版下载的IT部门参与进来, 真正的帮助支持, 让每个人都知道他们的需求得到了倾听,”亚当斯说. “It was a lot of work upfront, 但 I’m really happy with the outcome of all of it.”


  • Having a single system to manage both the bonus and equity allocations to the pay cycle
  • 更有效的预算管理
  • 在作出更改时自动更新信件
  • 管理提交内容的实时可见性
  • 改进的协作

“It was the first time we had the ability to fully manage budgets outside of the spreadsheets. 这对bat365app手机版下载来说是一个真正的游戏规则改变者,”Adams说. “经理们的知名度, and the fact that we don’t have to sit there and regenerate letters are all key. 我可以继续讲bat365app手机版下载看到的进步.”


任何人的标准, the post-pandemic world has brought new complexities to compliance management, from remote and hybrid work models with different compensation plans, 技能工资的上升, to a trend toward more personalized plans to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive market.

根据bat365app手机版下载的薪酬专家,有一个 能够适应所有这些变化的专业技术 是至关重要的.

“In my career, compensation has never been more under the microscope. There’s the Great Resignation, pay transparency, gender pay gaps and just a lot of 复杂的补偿的话题 bat365app手机版下载现在必须解决的问题,”Deltek的兰德里解释道. “The right specialist technology helps you pull all of that relevant data together, 进行协作性讨论, 这样你就可以做出明智的薪酬决定. 我无法想象没有它我怎么能驾驭这一切.”

具有敏捷性的解决方案, flexibility and performance is key at a time when every moment counts.

“The interesting question around having a remote workforce is what does it mean for us and market pay data?Equans的McIver说. “用正确的工具, 你可以很容易地运行一个“if/then”方程, and see what it looks like to compare where the work is located to where their homes are located, 并在接近实时的时间内迅速重新校准.”


“在这种环境下, 哪里有这么多人分散在世界各地, 能够得到非常简洁的东西, 这很容易得到, that enables everyone to provide their input into the tool is vital,Xperi公司的亚当斯说.

简而言之, 使用合适的专业技术工具, 薪酬经理可以为任何事情做好准备, 并随着市场的变化而迅速行动.