A ‘Working’ Mother’s Love

The phrase “working mother” is redundant. 在照顾孩子、做家务和事业之间,母亲的工作不仅仅是“工作时间”.” Rather, it is more accurately, around the clock. Job or not.

作为一个“职业母亲”的女儿,我亲身经历了这一点. 我不会假装在我年轻的时候,我不希望能更多地看到我的母亲,和她在一起. I watched her hustle and bustle, caring for my older sister and I, between in-person meetings and phone calls in her home office. But, as I grew and became a woman in the workforce myself, enthusiastically building my own career, my sentiment shifted entirely.

I like to think that the worker, peer, and colleague I am today, is a direct reflection of my mum’s ambition and precocity. As a saleswoman in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, she often dealt with harassment and discrimination. Though she never let it distract or deter her from her goals.

I work hard, with compassion, 我心里知道,她花了30年的时间积极地与工作场所的性别不平等作斗争, 同时在男性主导的电信销售领域表现出色. 她这样做是为了给我和妹妹提供她所能想象和创造的最好的生活.

我的母亲表现出了不知疲倦的勤奋、谦逊和活力,风度翩翩. 她在工作上的成功让我父亲有了实现创业梦想的手段. As a result, my sister and I have found purpose in our work, and financial independence, as we pursue our own careers. Without my mother’s sacrifices, 我可能没有机会为公司的发展做出贡献,帮助组织重视员工并实现他们的价值, let alone write this blog.

This Job’s Not For You

On my birthday this year, I received an especially meaningful gift. 这是一本关于“一个女人在一个男人的世界里的挣扎”的凄美的纪实书籍,书名为 This Job’s Not For You, written by Linda Nyland. On the back cover, 琳达写道:“对于所有那些明明知道自己能做到却被告知不能做到的人, this story of struggle and redemption is for you.” Above this inscription, a film photo of a petite woman wearing a hard hat, and a bright orange safety vest, smiling warmly. The caption reads: First Day as a Longshoreman, 1988.

Despite Linda’s heroic integrity and steadfast work ethic, 80年代末和90年代,作为塔科马港口的第一批沿岸男人之一,她忍受了无尽的骚扰和公然的性别歧视. She grinned and bared more than a decade long antagonization, with awe-inspiring patience, to make ends meet and honor her family. 她一直想要的就是努力工作,得到和男性同事一样的待遇.

Unfortunately, 当时港口周围的有毒环境几乎没有给工作场所的制衡留下空间. When Linda finally was able to report grievances to the union, 她回忆说,当她走出主管办公室的门时,她的文件被撕毁并扔进了垃圾桶.

Despite Linda’s best efforts to solve her issues internally with her employer, through the channels built to safeguard her, it was clear that the aggrieving would remain unmitigated. The book culminates in a group lawsuit alleging, among other egregious and factual reports, 女性和少数族裔因为性别或种族而被拒绝升职.

Eventually a settlement was reached. 其结果开创了一个支持女性和有色人种的先例,直到今天.

A Mother’s Love

As I cracked the book open to give it a read, and began thumbing through her thoughtful dedications, I landed on this poem, a tribute to her daughter:

A Mother’s Love

I know you’ve not always understood
The things I’ve done for our collective good
But they were and will forever be
To keep you safe from harm and free.
A single mother’s plight is to be torn
Burden’s mount, hope flies,
And here alone – all is borne.
I could not quit, I could not stop,
Your protection is cause I will never drop.
Now a mother’s mantle you too wear.
To see your child without a care?
For all those times I was angry, hard and cold,
In defense of our safety, I had to be so bold.
I had to work and it took our precise time,
But it was all for you, precious child of mine.

To My Daughter
I Love You

Every time I even think about these potent words Linda wrote, my eyes water up, deeply moved by, and grateful for, her fortitude. 她不仅为自己的女儿铺平了道路,也为今天所有的职场女性铺平了道路. Myself included.

It is hard for me to imagine channeling strength, from the depth of your being, for the sake and safety of your daughter, while surviving unimaginable working conditions. But as I have experienced from my own mothers’ vitality, this unbreakable will must come from the superpower of motherhood, an experience I have yet to have. And therefore, can only infer by proxy.

To this day, 琳达还没有向她的女儿透露她作为一个男人所经历的考验和磨难, worried the weight of it might be crushing. To cope, she turned to writing her experiences as a release, or as she said in her own words, when I was fortunate enough to speak with her, “this book was my therapy.”

The Motherhood Penalty

Unfortunately, the context surrounding Linda’s discriminatory work experiences is neither new, nor uncommon. Women, even in the year 2022, still face inequity. For mother’s it’s even worse.

According to Payscale’s annual State of the Gender Pay Gap Report, when women indicated they were a parent or primary caregiver, we observed an uncontrolled pay gap of $0.74 for every dollar earned by a male parent. 在控制了这一差距的情况下,bat365app手机版下载发现,在2022年,继续工作的母亲的收入为0美元.98 for every dollar earned by fathers with the same employment characteristics.

相反,未为人父母的男女之间的性别收入差距大大缩小. The uncontrolled pay gap reduces to $0.88 on the dollar, 这表明,没有孩子的女性在晋升或获得高薪工作时面临的社会障碍更少.

The global pandemic exacerbated the motherhood penalty. Disproportionately impacting women, who statistically speaking, were more likely to take on child and elder care, resulting from the lockdowns. For example, 80%的职业母亲率先使用远程学习,而职业父亲只有31%, according to a FlexJobs survey from 2020.

如果不能支持女性就业,经济学家就会担心对整体经济的潜在不利影响:随着整体劳动力生产率的提高,女性就业人数每增加10%,所有劳动者的工资就会增加5%, one University of Akron economist found.

The solution? Flexibility is a new currency. 工作效率不再由一个人在办公室的工作能力来定义. 可靠高质量的托儿服务对女性进入和留在职场的能力至关重要. 带薪休假照顾家人或生病时不再是好事.

As employees are rethinking their relationship to work, in the midst of The Great Renegotiation, employers will have to rethink their workplace models, policies, and practices.

Prowess and Progress for Progeny

Like my own mother, the circumstances Linda braved were in her own words, “to keep [her daughter] safe from harm and free.” A virtuous cause that reaches far beyond her own progeny.

Linda’s self-learned aptitude, and bold perseverance, 不让任何人侵犯他们对她潜力的局限信念. 一直以来,她的意志都被她流露出的平静所掩盖. She kept her cool, but stood up for herself firmly, and worked even harder, despite the persistent prejudice from her colleagues and employer.

When the time was right to seek redemption, Linda had already built her case. 她和诉讼中的其他人一起,帮助开辟了一条道路,让领导人负起责任. Every workplace has the potential to fall into patterns of inequity. It takes valiant people, like Linda, that stand up for what’s right, to protect those who cannot yet protect themselves. Like mothers, organically bound to the care and nurture of their children.

琳达·尼兰德坚韧和改造的故事的意义超越了她的女儿, and other young women. 这本书确实是写给那些“明明知道自己可以,却被告知不行”的人的.” And for that, I thank Linda not only for sharing her accounts, which undoubtedly took extraordinary courage, but for allowing me to share her life’s work, with you.

For the Working Mom’s of Today

My mother, who is serendipitously also named Linda, 和琳达·尼兰德只是过去职场母亲如何忍受职场艰辛的两个例子. Their courage, along with that of many other mothers before and after them, helped usher in a new age of work, where woman can be and do what their heart desires.

但bat365app下载的性别薪酬差距报告数据显示,年复一年,仍有工作要做. With the global pandemic, the great resignation, and the climate of today’s worker movements, the opportunity to make long-lasting change for our (future) daughters, is upon us.

As Dr. C Nicole Mason, President & 妇女政策研究所首席执行官在她的compence21主题演讲中说, “对工作和工作场所的重新想象发生了真正的转变和开放. bat365app手机版下载都在第一线,在bat365app手机版下载的角色中有权力决定bat365app手机版下载的公司和组织是否会向前一步,帮助定义工作的未来,还是像往常一样开展业务.”


本周日,bat365app手机版下载代表Payscale祝全世界的妈妈们母亲节快乐! We hope the special day is filled with peace and love. 永远感谢你们的贡献,为今天的职场女性提供了安全和自由去追求她们的梦想——无论她们是什么梦想!

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